All new water heater installations, gas or electric will include new copper water flexes and a 1/4 turn ball valve.

The T&P valve pictured above will always be located on the top or side of a tank type water heater. This valve is closed in its normal position. It is a spring loaded device that is designed to open if the pressure and or temperature reaches a point above normal operating conditions.  It should be tested once a year for proper operation and replaced every 4 years regardless of operation.

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All new gas water heater installations include a new gas flex connector, new gas shutoff, and drip leg assembly.   Drip Pan and Pan Alarm if required.

The first picture is a standard electric water heater. Notice the debris built up at the bottom of the tank. The second picture is what the actual debris looks like. 

As water heats, the impurities (sediment) in the water are attracted to the magnesium anode rod. The sediment over time collects at the bottom of the tank. This can cause problems with components and the overall heating process for a couple of reasons.

When the thermostats send a call for heat to the heating elements they glow red and heat the surrounding water in the tank. If the elements have become covered with sediment or they are surrounded by a pile of sediment it will take more energy ( electricity) to heat the water and or could possibly short them out over time. 

Also the debris build up is corrosive to the tank itself, doing damage over time. 

No matter what manufacturer produced your water heater, it is always a good practice to have your water heater flushed every 6 months to a year to reduce sediment build up. 

Tankless type water heaters should also be flushed on a consistent basis. 

​The normal life span of a tank type water heater is 10- 12 years average depending on water conditions.  

Hot water is one of the most precious commodities we have. Most people do not realize this until they are without. We have some of the most experienced water heater technicians in the metroplex. We service all makes and models of all water heaters, commercial or residential, tankless or tank-type. If your water heater isnt heating or you have intermittent heat, feel free to give us a call.